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Autorisert Oslo guide Martine Eriksen



For any reason, need or particular interest  we will gladly customise a guided tour for both large or small groups.

A city walk can, for example, be combined with a visit to a restaurant or pub, beer tasting, picnic, musical entertainment or similar.

The guide can pick the group up and conclude the trip at destinations you can determine.

Norio will go out of their way to ensure the "little extra" that makes the trip personal.

Together we will find the best solution based on the available budget and the many possibilities.

It’s our pleasure!





An original and memorable experience for groups of 20 - 38 people!

If you want a company party or family gathering out of the ordinary then this is for you!

«Blåtrikken» or ‘The Blue Tram’ from 1913 comes alive when running in all its splendour through Oslo's streets.  Sitting close together with a bit of good food and drink while it rattles away creates a fabulous atmosphere!

The guide will take you on an entertaining journey through Oslo's history and future plans.

You decide where you want to get on and off, all tram stops in the city are at your disposal.  If you would like musical entertainment and refreshments along the way, we would love to make it happen.

Norio will order the tram and set up an individual program based on the group's needs and available budget.

There are so many possibilities - join us on a guided pleasure tour!


Put a personal touch on the summer party or the Christmas ‘julebord’.

A city walk can bring new and exciting angle to celebrations with friends, family, colleagues and business associates.

A live and personal description of Oslo's history and future plans gives the event a great focus.

Be inspired by Norio's tour suggestions - get in touch to hear more and to receive a quotation.



What about giving a private guided city walk of Oslo as a gift?

This is an original idea for both friends, family, business associates and colleagues.

For a private group of at least 10 people, Norio offers great gift cards for 200 NOK per person, with or without a Christmas theme.

Be inspired by our tour suggestions and surprise others with an original gift.

Gift cards are valid for one year.

Hire a tram from 1913 with autorised Oslo-guide Martine Eriksen.

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